Winter Camp International

Educational Winter Camp and Finnish School 26.1. – 2.2.2020

Educational Winter Camp and English lessons 2.2. – 9.2.2020

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Winter Camp International is open for all over 8 years old children who wish to get a taste of International atmosphere in great nature location in Southern Finland, near Helsinki. Any child from any country can apply to participate in this camp. Communication during the camp will be done in English. The Finnish camp teachers can also communicate in Finnish and some in Swedish.

Winter Camp

  • Accommodation in hotel standard room (2 single beds)
  • All inclusive meals : breakfast, lunch, noon snack, dinner and night snack with water/juice
  • Camp leaders: One trained English speaking adult leader for every 10 campers and a summer camp coordinator at your service
  • Camping programs : activities, workshops, learning hours and certificates
  • Bus transportation service for airport pick-up and see off
  • 1 Excursion day
    • Example 1: Educational Tour to a Cleantech site and a Finnish School
    • Example 2: Day tour in Adventure Park and Finnish Railway Museum
    • Example 3: Day tour to Science Centre and visit to a Finnish home
    • Example 4: Day tour to Finnish farm with farm related activities