Private Winter Camp

We organize private Winter camps with tailor made programs for any school group, company, club or organization.

If you and your children, your friends or your acquaintances want to join in the same camp privately, that is also possible. While most of the regular Winter camps are randomly formed, with this option you can gain control over who will participate and what you will learn and experience.

Examples what we can offer for you and your private campers:

All the ground services you will need in Finland:
– Transfers and Charter coaches
– Flights, International and Domestic
– Accommodation
– Guides who speak your language
– Sightseeing, tours and trips
– Activities (sports, games, visiting events, festivals, team-building, nature etc.)

– Cultural activities, sauna, ecotherapy, relaxation programs
– Finnish home visits
– Business visits
– Finnish School visits (one to five days)
– Any tailor-made combinations of all the above.

We will also design Winter camps which allow more emphasis on e.g. gaming, arts, sports, science, technology, drama and music, or any other chosen theme.

Please feel free to ask us more!

In English contact Ms Jaana Makela

In Chinese contact Ms Liwen Aakala

All you need to do is just to send us the request and let us get you the best Winter camp programs and prices!