Our Staff

An experienced team behind the scenes

Ms Jaana Nordensvan

Camp General Director – Responsible for camp program general planning and execution, tours and administration as well as councelors and partners relations.

Ms Minna Sundström

Educational Travel Designer – Responsible for the planning and organization of educational camps and is responsible for the pedagogical content of the programs.

In cooperation with Finnish Teachers and Hyria camp leader trainees…

Ms Päivi Korhonen Principal, biology and geography teacher, specialized in international programs

Ms Arja Nieminen Tourism professional and an experienced teacher with a long career in primary and secondary education. Arja shares an interest in outdoor life and travel. Arja is authorized travel guide in Hyvinkää and Helsinki area.

Ms Kirsi Peltomäki Special Education Teacher, specialized in international programs

Mr Jaakko Rainio Principal in STEM highschool

…and many other partners such as the local government, local schools, companies and guides