Winter Camps

The concept of SUMMER CAMP FINLAND is to organize International Winter Camps and Tailor Made Private Winter Camps for groups.

Winter camp offers young boys and girls an unforgettable lifetime experience in an International atmosphere and a great location in Finland near the Helsinki Airport.

In our Winter camps the method of learning is based on phenomenon learning which is supporting individual studying path. The best learning environment is the nature and that is why we will make the use of this always when possible.

Phenomenon based learning days may also include field trips to explore the phenomenon in different locations.

See below a typical day schedule for our Winter camp:



DAY SCHEDULE (ages 8 – 18 yrs)

Time Program Comments
Wake up
08.00 Breakfast
School day starts  1-5 days Finnish school
Second school lesson  Math, biology, geography…
12.00 Lunch  School lunch
Ice-hockey Ice-skiing
Sports and games
Drama and arts
18.00 Dinner
Sauna and swimming
21.30 Lights out and bed time
Program Comments
EXCURSION DAY: Visiting science center, Local farm, Museums and Sightseeing
Program Comments
SUNDAY PROGRAMME: Program planned by children  Play, dancing or music

SUMMER CAMP FINLAND warmly welcomes  you to join us!

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WINTER CAMP FINLAND looks forward to showing you a Finnish magic winter  and challenging you with various winter sports like ice-skating, skiing,  ice-hockey, curling, ice sculpting and so many more winter activities…