Summer Camp International




Summer Camp Educational and International dates for the summer 2020 are here!! It is up to you how long your child enjoys her/his stay at the camp. One or two weeks.

Educational Summer Camp and Finnish school 26.7. – 2.8.2020

Educational Summer Camp 2.8. – 9.8.2020

Summer Camp International is open for all over 8 years old children who wish to get a taste of International atmosphere in great nature location in Southern Finland, near Helsinki. Any child from any country can apply to participate in this camp. Communication during the camp will be done in English. The Finnish camp teachers can also communicate in Finnish and some in Swedish.

School week includes 5 school days at Finnish school with Finnish teachers.


“The key words in Finnish education policy are quality, efficiency, equity and internationalization. The basic right to education and culture is recorded in the Constitution. The policy is built on the principles of lifelong learning and free education. Education is seen as a key to competitiveness and well-being of the society.”

Our summer camp offers a curriculum which is designed according to Finnish phenomenon based learning methods. The program is aiming to raise the awareness of the sustainability issues in today’s World. Through variety of activities, experimental learning, workshops and adventures, the campers get to learn many new useful skills for their future life in our constantly changing World.

We will have days focusing on clean tech topics such as air quality, clean water, energy efficiency, waste management and recycling. We are also looking into sustainable food production, climate change, carbon footprint and responsible consumption.

The children will be held lessons on lifesaving skills, putting out a fire as well as basic survival skills. They will play team sports, learn to row a boat, canoeing, making a campfire, hiking, cycling, swimming and much more.

Along with some practical learning, the team work skills are also on top of our daily program. During the camp, the children will be encouraged to work together towards a common goal, learn social skills and feel the joy of succeeding without competition.

The children will have a chance to learn about Finnish culture and food as well as participate in Finnish sauna school during the camp.

The other benefits arising from participating in our summer camp are learning to communicate in English, learn to understand foreign cultures, visiting in a Finnish home and a Finnish school.

This is included in the price

  • Accommodation in hotel standard room (2 single beds)
  • All inclusive meals : breakfast, lunch, noon snack, dinner and night snack with water/juice
  • Camp leaders: One trained English speaking adult leader for every 10 campers and a summer camp coordinator at your service
  • Camping programs : activities, workshops, learning hours and certificates
  • Bus transportation service for airport pick-up and see off
  • 2 Excursions
    • Example 1: Educational Tour to a Cleantech site and a Finnish School
    • Example 2: Day tour in Adventure Park and Finnish Railway Museum
    • Example 3: Day tour to Science Centre and visit to a Finnish home
    • Example 4: Day tour to Finnish farm with farm related activities
    • Example 5: Day tour to Helsinki Suomenlinna Sea Fortress and sight seeing


  • Flight tickets
  • Visa invitation letter and help with the application
  • Travel insurance for Chinese
  • Transfers
  • Accommodations
  • Help and assistance