For Teachers

Job shadowing for teachers

This is a program where you can see a Finnish teacher at work and learn from this experience. Job shadowing can give you an opportunity to study Finnish teaching methods and provide tools to implement in your own teaching.  Job shadowing gives the ability to transmit knowledge and expertise from one individual to another and learn skills critical for your own teaching.

Job shadowing at Finnish school

  • gives the opportunity to see how the learning takes place in a normal Finnish classroom from teacher’s perspective
  • lasts 3-5 days
  • is for 1-7 teachers at the same time
  • includes briefing to Finnish education system
  • is available from September to November or from January to April
  • is tailored program, you can choose which age group you shadow
  • makes time to talk with the Finnish teachers and learn about their teaching methods

Accommodation: hotel or home stay at Finnish teacher´s home

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